Air Bubble Agreement from India

Hello: I am a citizen in the United States with OCI Card. I plan to travel with British Airways from IAD (Washington DC) to DXB and stop in Dubai for 7 days before continuing dxb with Vistara Airlines at DEL. The return is with BLR-LHR-IAD (on British Airways/American). Please indicate if this acceptable route is possible under the Air Bubble Agreement, as United may fly with United Airlines, which uses scheduled flights from EWR-BOM and bom back to the EEA without having to first register on the Repat website. That is, I can book the tickets for United flights for the above segment first online and then simply register on the videshapps repat website and the aisrsuvidha website if necessary. I think in the past you had to register, then get a code and then use that code to make reservations for flght repats. is that still the case? Hello SD! Only U.S. citizens (without an OCI card) can travel on BA flights between the United States and India. If you are an Indian citizen or a U.S. citizen with an OCI card, you cannot board a BA flight from India to the United States. Can Emirates transport U.S. citizens and OCI cardholders from the U.S.

to India??. I spoke to customer service and they mentioned that only 1 lane is possible, while returning from India to the US via Dubai is not allowed.. Can you elaborate on that? Only U.S. citizens with a valid visa to India (no OCI card or tourist visa) can travel on Lufthansa flights between the United States and India in accordance with the latest revision of the travel eligibility criteria. Obviously, U.S. citizens holding an OCI card or tourist visa and holders of an Indian passport from the United States are prohibited from traveling on Lufthansa`s arrival flights to India. What flights can be operated to and from India? Hello Kuntal! Apparently, Lufthansa is not allowed to carry passengers from India to the United States. Only those destined for Europe, South America and Africa can travel with Lufthansa from India. Please contact Lufthansa and ask again if your wife and child can travel with them. Shubho Bijoya! Hello Indian Eagle, is United Airlines eligible to fly to Delhi after October 25, 2020, or until when is United Airlines eligible to fly to Delhi under the Air Bubble Agreement? Hello, – I am an Indian citizen and I currently have an L2 visa in Houston (USA) and I plan to make a one-way trip to Bangalore (India) in the week of November. – I see that airlines like Qatar, Lufthansa, etc. have portals to book airline tickets.

– I plan to proceed with booking my flight tickets with Qatar Airlines, whose route is Houston -> Doha -> Bangalore – Do you see any problems with myself by locking myself in with Qatar Airlines for my trip, such as cancellation or other factors such as maybe they are not part of the bubble flights of Vande Bharat Mission flights? – If so, can you suggest airlines that might be my best choice? Hello Jubi! You can travel with Lufthansa from the United States to India, but you may not be able to return with the same airline. If you are the spouse of a foreigner, say, a U.S. citizen, you can fly from India to the U.S. with Lufthansa. Lufthansa has not yet announced its October flight schedule. Enjoy Indian eagles You Guyz helps people as much as possible. Could you please help me here. I need to book flights from BOSTON to Delhi for the last week of September and look for options.

Your website shows many options like Qatar/Turkish, but as you said above, they are not eligible to fly from USA-IND, so why do you show such a confusing option? India has built an aviation bubble with Afghanistan. Indian Airlines and Ariana Afghan Airlines are now allowed to operate flights between India and Afghanistan and carry the following categories of people on such flights: When I checked from Chicago to Kochi last month, there is a VBM power flight 126 & VBM No. 1174 @ 4:15 pm to Kochi, but today, when I checked your website today, there are no VBM power flights from Delhi to Kochi. Can we let Indian nationals with a B1 visa travel from Bengaluru to Heathrow in Great Britain and then travel with American Airlines to Chicago or other US cities? There is no clarity on this at the moment and I appreciate any help that is appreciated. Hello Chandrasekhara! Qatar Airways is not yet part of the U.S.-India AGREEMENT on air bubble travel. Hello Dr. Saha! You can now travel to Kolkata. Since Kolkata airport is not open to international flights and even domestic flights from Delhi and Mumbai, you can book international flights to Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Bhuvaneswar with a domestic connection to Kolkata. For your information, Air India, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France and American Airlines-British Airways currently operate flights from the United States to India. Please visit our travel news archive for all the information. Hello Ansh! It is recommended that you re-download the documents.

You can also try sending the documents to For more details, please see My Parents are visiting the United States from Bengaluru to Miami via London via British Airways on November 24, 2020. In light of the recent lockdown situation in the UK, I called British Airlines customer service, which actually insists that flights are not cancelled and are in line with the original flight schedule. Please give me your opinion on the situation so that I can cancel the BA flight (non-refundable) and go with United Airlines/Air India. Thank you for your insight. Hi team, I am a green card holder planning to fly from Phoenix (2 October) to London Heathrow and from London to Chennai. 1. Please let me know if British Airways is allowed on this route 2. Should I take an RT-PCR test for home quarantine? 3.

What are the quarantine rules? Hello Haksar! Yes, Etihad Airways flies from Chicago to Bangalore. You can book the best flights with Etihad for this route on our website, Now Kolkata is open for flight from Delhi airport. Please say the flight going to Kolkata. Will U.S. Indians be allowed to board Lufthansa flights from Washington DC (IAD) > Frankfurt (FRA) > Bengaluru (BLR) in September? Are Indians traveling from the United States to India allowed to settle in Frankfurt before traveling to Bangalore? Hello Anshul! The recent travel advisory issued by the Indian government lifted the registration of flights to and from India. First, Indians from the United States had to register for Lufthansa flights to India with the Indian mission in Germany. We do not know whether this regulation is still in force. Please inquire with Lufthansa Airlines. All Indian nationals and OCI cardholders can travel to India on Lufthansa flights, regardless of their category. Hello, I am travelling with British Airways from Boston, USA to Bengaluru and back. I arrive in Bengaluru in December and return to Boston with BA in January.

I have an F1 visa. Is there a problem? Hello, I booked travel with United Airlines Phoenix to SFO (UA5880), SFO to Frankfurt (UA58) and then Frankfurt to Bangalore (UA8898). The latest flight UA8898 is operated by Lufthansa. We are Indian citizens with a U.S. tourist visa. Can we board the Lufthansa-operated flight from Frankfurt to BLR? With Phase 7 of Air India`s VBM flights set to continue until March 2021, it is clear that normal international flights to and from India will not resume anytime soon. Currently, Air India and United Airlines are the major airlines in the US-India travel corridor. These airlines and their passengers are bound by certain travel regulations under the U.S.-India Air Transport Agreement – we share the latest updates in our Travel News section. .